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How to clean out your overheated laptop

How to Clean Out Your Overheated Laptop Computer

If your laptop randomly shuts off it may be a warning you have an overheating problem. This can be an easy fix, and as simple as cleaning the fan bay on your laptop. The fan bay is the part that is responsible for keeping your laptop cool. What can happen over time, particularly in the Cairns Tropics, is that the fan inside your laptop pulls in dust and hair from its environment and eventually it clumps together and blocks the airflow. This results in the computer overheating, so all we need to do is clear the debris blocking the airflow and this should fix the problem. Also, this is very common in the Cairns Tropics, where the high humidity in the wet season binds dust particles together in computers and is a popular repair issue for technicians.

Tools and tricks

To get started you'll need a small brush, regular household vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, there are aerosol cans of compressed air you can also buy, which work well, alternately you can take a big breath and blow really hard where the air comes out on your laptop. The first step is to identify the fan intake and the fan exhaust. The intake pulls air in whereas the exhaust sends the air out. Now most laptops have the intake on the bottom and the exhaust on the sides, but a sure way to tell one from the other is just look for fan blades, if you see fan blades, its more than likely you are looking at the intake. Here on the laptop below the intake is on the bottom and the exhaust is on the sides.

Vacuum the PC

So we've identified the intake and exhaust and now we're going to power on the vacuum take the hose attachment and carefully position it near the intake vent. At the same time you want to make sure that the exhaust is free of obstructions so that the vacuum can pull air out of the intake which is being fed by the exhaust. Be careful not to hold the vacuum to close to the fan, otherwise you may damage the bearing inside the fan and create negative current back into the motherboard or CPU.

You might have to open up the laptop.

All laptops have small little screws they are sometimes hidden but easily enough to find. Remove the tower on the laptop and find the touch pad you can always brush a little bit here, clean off all the dust and clean around where the heat sink is. A brush is really good to use and then once you have the dust out lightly go over with a vacuum cleaner. You may have lots of dust inside your laptop, if so, just keep holding the vacuum hose until it is free from debris. By clearing all the debris out of your laptop you'll enable it to pull in more air which will in turn keep the laptop cooler it's amazing how much debris can accumulate inside but you can minimize the accumulation simply by keeping your laptop away from carpet pets and other fibre surfaces instead if you keep your laptop on a hard surface such as a desk that will help minimize future debris and of course now you know how to vacuum out your intake vent which you can do periodically to help keep your laptop cool and running smoothly.

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